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Frequently asked questions

Those informations are for group training only, for Personal Training, please call us!

What happens in case of bad weather?

We train in every weather. If it rains we get shelter under the trees.


Is my training day fixed ?

You can choose your preferred training day (that helps us to estimate group size). Of course you can change your day anytime, just let us know in advance.


I'm going on a holiday, can I replace the missed trainings ?

Yes, if you announce us in advance when you're going to miss your training. You can compensate any missed training during the subscription period. Trainings cannot be postponed to follwoing subscription periods.


What kind of training is it and whats the duration ?

Our trainings are very varied and fun. They are based on functional movements and we use either bodyweight or a whole bunch of functional tools (which we will teach you to use) to keep it interesting and thus your motivation going. We use metabolic conditioning, high intense interval training (HIIT), max interval training, cross training, circuit training, etc. all focussing on pushing your performance and to quickly tone up your body. Training duration is 60 minutes.


What's the group size ? 

Our average group size is 11.8 people depending on the day, the hour and the season. During spring you can expect a group size between 6 and 16 people.





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