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Find and eliminate the source of your pain

We train, since over 12 years, people and athletes, victims of muscular and joint pain (back, knees, shoulders, sciatica, arthritis, herniated discs, osteoporosis, etc.). Our methods are rooted in the latest scientific research and numerous clients live today without pain, can benefit fully of their lives and have started a sports activity again.

 The imove method tracks and eliminates the source of your pain

Precision Coaching applique une méthode scientifiquement prouvés pour efficacement traquer et éliminer la 'source' de vos tensions et de vos douleurs. Nous avons aidés des 100 de personnes de retrouver une vie 'sans douleurs' et 'normale'.

After a detailed evaluation, we will focus on a systematic elimination of muscular imbalances and compensations as well as all pain provoking movements with specific corrective exercise. We use realignment techniques to address posture, biomechanical dysfunctions and wrong muscle activation sequences to re-establish a strong structural and functional centre throughout your body.

We work without medication. In certain cases, we might suggest a micro-nutritional support (dispensed by a doctor in micro-nutrition/naturopathy) to accelerate the regeneration of the tissues provoking the pain.

Our method will dampen and eliminate progressively the sources of your pain and rebuild a wellfunctioning painfree body.

A network of health professionals 

To guarantee a maximum efficiency of our approach, imove works in collaboration with a network of health professionals in order to accelerate and control medically your progression.


The source of your pain

The story of John

Precision Coaching traque et élimine systèmatiquement vos douleur grâce à une méthode scientifiquement prouvé utilisant le réalignement structurel (relachement myofascial) et de l'exercice corrective

John : « I’ve always back pain in the evening when I come back from sport, even if I only run 35-40 minutes. » The doctor prescribed me painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs to manage my pain, but the problem is that the pain comes back each time I go for a run or do any other sports activity.

John is a US expatriate working for a international company in the lake Geneva region. His days are fully booked with 10 hours of work and a family to take care of. « After everyone has gone to bed, I like to go for a relaxing run, it’s the way I used to manage stress and pressure, but I’ve lost my motivation because each morning after I’ve been running, my back hurts like hell ».


80% of pain sensation is located in your connective tissue

Dans l'absolu, les sources des douleurs sont multifactorielles mais des recherches scientifiques ont démontrées que plus de 80% des tensions et douleurs (dos, épaules, nuque, etc.) se situe dans nos tissus musculaires et connectifs (myofascia) et que plupart trouvent leur source dans un style de vie inapproprié

Sources of pain are likely multifactorial but scientific research has showed that over 80% of your pain and/or strain is located in your connective tissue, mostly due to a inappropriate lifestyle (inactivity, bad eating habits, wrong posture, chronic stress, not enough sleep, etc.)


The seated position, recipe for neck and back pain

When you are in a prolonged seated position (more than 3 hours per day and especially in front of a computer), your posture will suffer. Your upper back will round up (hyperkyphosis), your shoulders will protract and rotate inwards. This will produce excessive stress on the muscles and tissues around your neck resulting in neck strain, pain, headaches, migraines, etc.

La position assise tenue répétitivement durant une longue période va désactiver nos fessiers (qui devient amnésique) et raccourcir nos fléchisseurs de la hanche. Ceci peut provoquer un pivot antérieur de notre bassin qui va à son tour provoquer un relâchement de notre paroi abdominale et raccourcir notre ...

A repetitive prolonged seated position will deactivate your great gluteals (amnesic buttocks) and shorten up your hip flexors resulting in an anterior tilted pelvis. This excessive anterior tilt will lengthen and release your abdominal muscles resulting in a bulging stomach. Your abdominal muscles, being inactive, won’t be able to stabilise our spine anymore and the lower back muscles will need compensate and tighten up leading to an excessive arch (hyperlordosis) of your lower spine.

The same scenario will be produced as soon as you walk as the lumbar muscles as well as the hamstrings have to compensate for the amnesic gluteals. The result ar overworked and strained back muscles and pain will follow. Those dysfunctions will provoke friction in your barely stabilised spine. In short, it is an ideal recipe to develop severe back problems like degenerated or herniated discs, arthritis, etc.

How to eliminate the source of your pain

To fix your back pain in the long term, you have to track and eliminate systematically the source of your pain. In the case of our friend John, simple back gymnastics will not be efficient because this won’t address precisely the root of the problem, they even risk to increase the pain. In his case, it is strongly recommended to analyse his postural imbalances and muscular dysfunctions and to establish a 100% tailored corrective exercise program to eliminate harmful compensations so, once the pain away, John can again benefit from his stress-releasing evening jog without having to worry (and stress more) about being in pain the next morning and the risk a long term health degeneration.



Personal Training, what to expect?

Professional evaluation, motivational trainings, experienced and positif coach specialised in...

- fatloss and remodeling
- we fix pain fast (even chronic)
- general physical preparation
- sports conditioning and performance
- holistic health and lifestyle
- anit-stress
- postural and biomecanichal corrections

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