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Develop a healthy lean body and smarter muscles

Our smart training is ideal to get back in shape, to build muscle and to optimise your health and performance potential. This intense and efficient training focusses on building smarter muscles. Our methodology pulls its roots in athletes sports conditioning and has been adapted for everyone. It is based on functional movement rather than conventional machine strength training and concentrates on multiplanar-multijoint movements with focus on energy transfer through the entire kinetic chain. The result is a healthy, toned, solid and agile body capable of generating fluid and powerful movements. 


Reveal your potential

Améliorez vos performances sportives en développant une musculature puissante et un corps qui fonctionne de manière intélligente. Un entrainement intense et 100% individualisé. Nos méthodes efficaces et innovatives trouvent leurs racines dans les recherches scientifiques.

A 100% tailored training program focussing on your personal goals and the needs of your particular sport
(golf, tennis, football, running, basketball, ski, surf, climb, etc.).

We will train your body in its full integrity and track and eliminate systematically all potential muscle imbalances and dysfunctions so your body can reach optimal function and produce maximum energy.





The future of fitness

imagine your ideal fitness, where...

- each training is varied and fun
- you have a coach at your disposal
- you progress quickly
- you develop a fit and healthy body
- you find a great team spirit
- you leave satisfied and happy

Join us !