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Personal Training - Methodology

Personal Training - it's all about YOU !

Chez imove Personal Training, Il s'agit d'abord de vous. Que vous désirez vous remettre en forme, perdre du poids et tonifier votre corps, améliorer votre performance sportive ou vous débarrasser de vos douleurs de dos, nous vous aiderons à focaliser sur votre objectif et à obtenir les résultats souhaités.

We coach and motivate our Swiss and Australian clients to success since over 12 years. Whether you want to get back into shape, lose weight and get a muscular toned body, enhance your sports performance or to get rid of muscular and joint pain, we help you to focus on your goals and to obtain the desired results. 

iMove 'Smart Training' - a state of the art methodology

The imove methodology unites the know-how of the leading specialists in sports conditioning, weight loss and wellbeing. We collaborate with Excellence Coaching, an international network of Personal Trainers working with an innovative and proven coaching system.

100% tailored to measure programs

Our methodology is based on scientific research as well as our coaching experience. We guarantee 100% personalized programs focusssing on your objectives and personal aspirations in order to obtain real results.

Smart training to develop a lean muscled body

Our Smart Trainings help to correct eventual postural imbalances, reduce pain and prevent injury and will develop a well functioning, healthy, lean and athletic body.

How does our professional approach work ?

The free call

After a short free call (about 3-5 minutes) during which our Master Coach will assess your goals and current situation and explain you shortly our methodology, you'll have the choice to opt for a first 'Personal Training Discovery' package.

This first package will enable our coach to give you professionnal advice on the package best suited to your needs as well as a precise budget and timehorizon when you can expect to reach your goal. It also gives you the chance to meet your (future) coach and test our training methodology before committing to a larger package.

The Personal Training Discovery package

  1. Complete personal evaluation
  2. 100% tailored to measure program
  3. Private training with your coach

Your caretaking starts with a complete 60minute personal evaluation during which we analyse your body composition, your muscle strengths and weaknesses, your endurance, your flexibility and will carry out a postural and biomechanical analysis in order to detect eventual muslce imbalances or dysfunctions and compensations. We will also deepen our discussion on your goals and sports history.

The results of this evaluation empower your coach to develop a 100% individualised training program focalising on how to reach quickly your goals and taking care of the special needs of your body (the ones we found during the evaluation).

During a second meeting, you can then fully profit of your intense, varied and efficient 60minute personal training supervised by your coach who will explain and ensure perfect execution of your program. Our coaches are passionated, they will constantly motivate you with energy and enthusiasm. Beware, it's contagious.

Are you motivated? The first step is 50% of the way... contact us!


'Many people have gone further than they thought they could, because someone else thought they could!'

(Nelson Mandela)



The future of fitness

imagine your ideal fitness, where...

- each training is varied and fun
- you have a coach at your disposal
- you progress quickly
- you develop a fit and healthy body
- you find a great team spirit
- you leave satisfied and happy

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