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Personal Training Power Ageing 55+

Rediscover your vitality, your mobility and… your youth

Gardening, travelling, play with your grandchildren, practice and benefit freely of all your hobbies. We know that our physical capacities like strength and vitality decline with aging. Strain and pain appear and we are at risk to live a less active life, which can lead to a vicious circle.  

 Efficient prevention

Retrouvez votre vitalité, force et mobilité d'il y a 20 ans - Des recherches scientifiques ont prouvés qu'il est possible de 'rajeunir' le corps de près de 20 ans. Precision Coaching utilise des méthodes efficaces pour que vous puissiez regagner un corps tonique et jeune.

It’s your power (strength coupled with speed), coordination, balance and proprioception which decline first. It's exactly those skills that will allow you to save yourself from a unexpected fall which could be fatal for your health. A frequent case, for example, is a broken pelvis which can condemn you to reduced mobility. Now, needing assistance, you will have to appeal to a healthcare facility to assist you instead of benefiting plainly of your freedom and hobbies.

 A younger healthier body  

Jardiner, voyager, jouer avec vos petits enfants, profiter de vos loisirs en toute liberté. Notre coach sportif / Personal Trainer vous motive et vous inspire à retrouver un corps plus jeune, plus fort et plus mobile afin que vous puissiez à noveau profiter pleinement de vos loisirs préférés.

Research in the United States has proven that, through focussed and adapted activity, it’s possible to restore your physical capacities of 20 years ago.

The imove method Power Ageing 55+ has been created specifically for people above 50 who desire to maintain or restore their physical health and performance. Our Smart Trainings focus on maintenance and recuperation of all your physical capacities, particularly your mobility, balance, coordination and vitality through a varied and creative strength training. Imitating every day gestures or the movements of your preferred sport, our trainings will help you to feel younger and to benefit from a fit body for as long as you possibly want.





Personal Training, what to expect?

Professional evaluation, motivational trainings, experienced and positif coach specialised in...

- fatloss and remodeling
- we fix pain fast (even chronic)
- general physical preparation
- sports conditioning and performance
- holistic health and lifestyle
- anit-stress
- postural and biomecanichal corrections

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