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Vous avez envie d'un corps sain, tonique et sexy mais vous n'êtes pas sur comment y arriver. Vous n'êtes pas seul(e)s. Precision Coaching vous développe un programme d'entrainement individualisé, un plan alimentaire 100% personnalisé et vous aide à focaliser sur vos objectifs et de rester sur le bon chemin. Nous avons déjà aidé des 1000ers de personnes à perdre du poids et à trouver un nouveau style de vie plus active et plus sain.

A toned and healthy body for life

A healthy bodyfat percentage is one of the most important aspects in evaluating a healthy body. At imove, we work directly at the root of the problem meaning we address the mechanisms which decide to stock and keep or, on the other hand, to liberate body fat.

The imove method

We focus on training body and brain. Through a stimulating and focussed training as well as a nutritional coaching (no diet!) in simple steps, we will influence your brain to understand that stocking fat is not necessary (anymore) and that the stored fat can be released without danger. You will reduce your bodyfat percentage, tone your body and be able to maintain your ideal weight and silhouette for life. 

Our nutritional coaching

The 4 key points to a toned body:

  • Specific body fat reduction and re-sculpt training plan
  • Tracking of your nutritional habits and implementation of a clean eating plan in simple steps, adapted to your personal needs. You’ll never be hungry and you won’t have to follow a ‘hypo caloric’ diet.
  • Our nutritional coaching documents, an information and tool kit to support and motivate you. 
  • Our online course ‘Clean eating made easy’ to better understand nutrition and learn it for life

Sculpt and remodel your bodyshape

Un corps tonique et attractif n'est pas seulement le résultat de la perte de poids et de la réduction de la graisse corporelle! Lors de vos entrainements avec votre Precision Coach, vous allez également travailler sur votre posture et grâce à nos exercices correctifs ...

A toned and attractive body is not only the result of weight loss and reducing your body fat. During your trainings with your imove coach, you’ll also address your posture using focussed corrective exercise to, for example, retract your shoulders to accentuate your bosom. You will appear more attractive and self-confident.


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Why diets work and don’t work !

Every year, a lot of people set precise fitness goals, but few are obtaining the body they’ve always wantet. Why is that ? 

Directly adressing the root of the problem!

Some hope that conventional or even exotic diets will make the difference or, even worse, pefer to take a ‘miracle’ drug praised through advertinsing as efficient and no risks. Unfortunately, all of this is just sand in our eyes and falses promises.


La plupart des régimes alimentaires vous permettent de perdre du poids à court terme mais entrainent un effet yoyo. Il est alors impossible de maintenir votre silhouette acquise, des kilos perdus reviennent inévitablement et souvent avec un surplus. il faut aller à la racine du problème et convaincre votre cerveau que votre organisme n'a pas besoin  de la graisse.

Most conventional diets will actually really help you to loose weight, but (unfortunately) only in the short time. Moreover, the majority of them also lead to the devastating circle of the famous yoyo effect. The current world statistics are clear (and though), only 5% of all people going on a conventional diet are succesful and, please keep that number in mind, a stunning 66% relapse rate of people which end up putting more weight than they lost It will then be impossible to maintain your newly acquired bodyshape and, inevitably, you’ll put back on the lost pounds, very often with a bonus. It follows discouragement, self-image deterioration and the impression that it’s ‘impossible’.

The problem with those diets and drugs is that they do not adress the source, in other words, the mechanisms of fatstorage. If you want a more toned and attractif body and to maintain your ideal weight in the long term, you have to go to the roots of the problem and convince your brain that your organism does not need to store fat and that it’s fine to liberate it.

Overweight and obesity problems are above all due to hormonal imbalances

Most of the overweight problems are multifactorial and provoked beyond others from inactivity, bad eating habits, medication, stress, lack of sleep, emotional problems, etc. All those factors lead often to a hormonal imbalance and metabolic dysfunction. Those are the real sources why you are putting on weight.

Your brain does not see you in the mirror as you do, it is constrained to trust the informations which come from the hormonal system which informs the brain that everything is fin or, on the contratry, that your you might starve to death because we do not have enough reserves (of fat). This survival mecanism is profoundly anchored in your subconscient and can't be evaded by anyones will, as strong as it might be.

For example, if you follow a hypocaloric diet, your brain will receive a receive a danger alert. It will trigger the survival mecanism which consists of slowing down your metabolic rate (fatigue, missing energy) to burn the least possible calories and will order your organism to stock immediately any food you eat to increase your stock of energy and chances to survive. By security measure, this mecanism will continue a long time after you have stopped your diet. This is the main reason why hypocaloric diets do not work and lead to the devastating yoyo effect!



Personal Training, what to expect?

Professional evaluation, motivational trainings, experienced and positif coach specialised in...

- fatloss and remodeling
- we fix pain fast (even chronic)
- general physical preparation
- sports conditioning and performance
- holistic health and lifestyle
- anit-stress
- postural and biomecanichal corrections

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